How to Get Sales Buy-In on Lead Scoring Models

Posted by Amanda Willard in Marketing Automation | February 2, 2015

Between inbound leads, tradeshows, webinars, list purchases, and your amazing email newsletter, your CRM is now awash in a sea of leads—which isn’t the worst problem to have. But how do you know which ones are the “right ones” to follow up with when you have quote-carrying sales teams with little time to sort through it all? Enter lead scoring.


3 Business Rules at the Foundation of Sales And Marketing Alignment

Posted by Amanda Willard in Sales Enablement | January 13, 2015

There’s a lot to be said for the age-old rift between marketing and sales teams. We’ve all heard it. Marketing feels like sales doesn’t follow up with their leads. Sales thinks marketing isn’t sending good leads. Everyone is firing on all cylinders, but no one feels like they’re getting anywhere. If you find yourself in this place, don’t despair.

10 Questions to Ask About Marketing Technology

Posted by Sean Hagan in Marketing Analytics | November 12, 2014

The number of products and platforms available to help marketers do their jobs has never been greater. So why does marketing seem harder than ever?

Grow Your Own Marketing Automation Rockstar Team

Posted by Kristin Carideo in Marketing Automation | November 5, 2014

As the market for marketing automation specialists with previous experience becomes tighter, hiring managers should look outside of traditional candidates to build their marketing automation rockstar teams.

ReVAMP Your Sales Emails

Posted by Ashley Eberenz in Sales Enablement | October 30, 2014

Some leads seem determined to act like zombies, refusing to take a bite out of any of the content we send their way. Here are five ways to keep them alive!

Re-VAMP Your Lead Nurturing

Posted by Ann Naumann in Marketing Automation |

Have your leads gone as quiet as the grave? We’ve got some scary news for you – it’s not them, it’s you.

Don’t Blink or You Might Miss: Content Marketing in the Moment

Posted by Sean Hagan in Content Marketing | October 27, 2014

Making sure your audience can experience your content on any device is a must, but this is only one piece of the equation. Take a content-first approach.