How to Do Intelligent Lead Nurturing

Posted by Edward Unthank in Marketing Automation | June 9, 2014

Intelligent lead nurturing has evolved from drip email marketing—and is rapidly replacing it. Drip email campaigns are static, blind to prospect behavioral signals, and are one-size-fits-all. Intelligent lead nurturing listens to prospect signals and responds appropriately, uses dynamic logic, and gives personalized suggestions. It takes into account buyer personas, buyer stages, and buyer product interest, using whatever categorizations lead to more effective marketing—marketing that fits both the prospect and the marketer.

Why you should do it

With the evolution of marketing automation, drip email campaigns have become outdated. They are built with a uniform flow in mind, set up for an ideal prospect’s journey that moves at a consistent pace. It’s an ineffective approach—because it is based on the assumption that all leads have the same problems or product interests, are educated along the buying process at the same pace, or don’t know what you’re planning to tell them.


B2B Marketing Leadership Means Change Management

Posted by Ann Naumann in Research & Strategy, Uncategorized | June 3, 2014

Last week nearly 1,000 marketers gathered at the global BMA conference in Chicago to listen to a world-class roster of speakers share their thoughts on where B2B marketing is going. One consistent theme woven throughout the conference was that the business world is eager for marketers to rise to the call of leadership, not only ... Read more »

How to Create Dynamic, Personalized Multi-Channel Campaigns

Posted by Edward Unthank in Marketing Automation | April 28, 2014

As new technologies appear, the strategic and technical side of B2B content marketing is evolving quickly. One amazing example is the success gained by combining multi-campaign multiplier effectiveness with the careful delivery of personalized content. Marketers are accomplishing this by integrating nurture campaigns across channels and mediums, while at the same time personalizing content for ... Read more »

Setting Up Buyer Cycle Scoring in Marketing Automation

Posted by Edward Unthank in Marketing Automation | April 7, 2014

Buyer cycle scoring is a way to determine where prospects are in the buying cycle. Unlike lead scoring, which primarily takes into account how much content prospects engage with, buyer lead scoring tracks the kind of content they consume. Marketers define the buying cycle in different ways. Some use four stages, some use three, and ... Read more »

Take lead scoring to the next level: demographic scores and behavior scores

Posted by Edward Unthank in Marketing Automation | March 31, 2014

Lead scoring is made up of two different kinds of information, each of which offers its own insights. Behavior score indicates sales readiness based on a person’s activity on your website, their response to your emails, and any other activity you can measure. Demographic score is a measure of how well a prospect fits your ... Read more »

5 Steps to an Automated Customer Lifecycle

Posted by Kristin Carideo in Customer Engagement | March 12, 2014

Making sure your customers are happy with your service and product can help lower churn rates as well as pave the way for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. If you’ve already invested in a marketing automation platform, planning for and automating engagement touches from your customer success, customer support, or account management teams can make a ... Read more »

The New Rules of Customer Engagement

Posted by Erica Hansen in Customer Engagement | February 28, 2014

This week more than 100 customer engagement professionals attended the Summit on Customer Engagement in Silicon Valley to discuss how to tap into the potential of the “other 90 percent” of their prospective customer references and advocates. The consensus? The path to engaging customers is getting easier, which has generated a few new rules for ... Read more »