Account-based marketing for Mindtree engages 46% of target accounts

When our client Mindtree saw a huge opportunity in untapped demand for managed services, we also saw an opportunity to combine strategy, creativity, and technology in an account-based marketing pilot. Based on our research with Mindtree, we identified target accounts and developed an integrated content campaign to help strengthen the company’s market positioning and engage new buying groups.

Out of the core content asset, an e-book titled “Navigating Your Journey Through Managed Services,” we developed a microsite, blog series, email nurture program, and paid media distribution strategy to execute the pilot. The campaign was a resounding success, generating nearly 1,300 leads since launch, and engaging 70 of the 149 targeted accounts.

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In 2014, global technology services company Mindtree came to us for marketing support for its digital transformation services. The next year, we worked with Mindtree to create a content marketing program based on the concept of the digital fairy tale. This project was a great success, generating more than 400 MQLs at a lower average cost per lead than past Mindtree programs, and accounting for more than 27% of the company’s marketing-generated pipeline for the fiscal year.

In 2016, we developed a strategy to reinforce Mindtree’s market position for its largest offering, managed services. This highly commoditized, fast-growing market is expected to be worth more than $257 billion by 2022.* Our content marketing campaign for this project was designed to capture a good share of this latent demand by engaging and converting new leads with compelling messaging. We also helped build a rich content ecosystem of tools and content for evaluating managed services providers, to help mid-stage prospects with their research and nurture them further down the purchasing funnel.

* “Managed Services Market worth 257.84 Billion USD by 2022,” MarketsandMarkets, August 2017


We started by interviewing Mindtree sales and marketing leaders to gain a deeper understanding of managed services, Mindtree’s key differentiators, and most importantly, the journey to purchase. Our team used this research to inspire the campaign themes and the signature asset that would anchor the entire program—an e-book titled “Navigating Your Journey Through Managed Services.”

The e-book serves as a buyer’s field guide, with chapters on topics ranging from the 10 essential elements of managed services to navigating the different types of managed services contracts. We repurposed the e-book content as a series of derivative assets, including a blog series, an interactive infographic, and a package of solution-specific data sheets for salespeople to use in one-to-one follow-ups with prospects.

But the most well-researched and coordinated content still needs the right distribution. We felt the wide range of potential prospects in the managed services market made the perfect opportunity for Mindtree to pilot an account-based marketing (ABM) approach. With a narrowed target of 149 must-win accounts, we developed a multichannel paid media campaign across search engines, social media, and syndicated content that would use retargeting to re-engage leads and insert them into an email nurture program.

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Yesler worked with Mindtree to launch the program in October 2016. Our multichannel media campaign used a “stacking” effect, employing different channels like LinkedIn, paid search, and content syndication to reach buyers at various stages of the funnel. This approach allowed us to drive leads to the derivative assets and landing pages through one channel, where they’d be captured in a cookie pool and retargeted through a different channel if they didn’t successfully convert and download the e-book the first time.

Along with the paid media campaign, we launched the email nurture campaign to strengthen engagement with leads who downloaded the e-book. We built the campaign, which consisted of 15 total emails delivered biweekly, to test engagement with industry-specific content in two streams compared to industry-agnostic content in a third stream. We also used a control filter to suppress delivery to 10% of the qualified leads and further test the outcome of the nurture program on lead progression through the funnel.


The managed services program has generated nearly 1,300 leads since launch, more than 90% of which came from paid media at a lower average cost per lead than previous campaigns. The program engaged 70 of the 149 must-win accounts targeted by Mindtree, in addition to five or more new contacts in each company.

The program also generated 15 or more new contacts at seven of the targeted accounts, delivering highly engaged leads to Mindtree’s sales team. Finally, our nurtured cohort yielded twice as many new sales opportunities as the non-nurtured (10%) control group.


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