Yesler helps Code42 improve lead-gen conversions by 98%

When you’re trying to get great lead-generation performance, you might expect a lot of research and head scratching. What you probably wouldn’t expect is to almost double your conversion rate and cut your cost per qualified lead almost in half while improving lead quality and velocity.

Through our relationship with LinkedIn we participated in a pilot for its new ad format, offering Code42 the chance to test LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Our paid media and martech delivery teams worked together to support the campaign and track leads; when the data reflected consistently outstanding performance, we moved all of Code42’s lead-gen campaigns to the new platform over the course of a year.

Driving up lead quality and bringing down lead costs


Yesler has provided Code42 with paid media and marketing automation support since 2015. In 2018, we asked about trying a beta opportunity at LinkedIn that we thought would be perfect for optimizing one of Code42’s lead-gen campaigns. The campaign used multiple channels (paid search, Google Display Network, LinkedIn, and Facebook) to drive targeted personas at specific enterprises to a Code42 landing page to download a report. Conversion rates were low, particularly for mobile users, which was problematic because roughly 80% of campaign traffic from LinkedIn comes from mobile users.

Our paid-media team wanted to try the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms because they’re designed to make it easier for mobile users to submit their information in exchange for a content download. Code42 agreed to try the new tactic. Without changing the target persona criteria, our client wanted to improve the conversion rate, cost per lead (CPL), and lead quality for its campaign.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Code42 is a leader in next-gen data loss protection. Native to the cloud, the Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection solution quickly detects insider threats, helps satisfy regulatory compliance requirements, and speeds incident response—all without lengthy deployments, complex policy management, or user-productivity roadblocks. Security, IT, and compliance professionals at more than 50,000 organizations worldwide use Code42 products to protect endpoint and cloud data from loss, leak, misuse, and theft while maintaining an open and collaborative culture for employees.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the dramatic performance improvement we saw with the revised campaign. We really benefited from Yesler’s versatility, expertise, and collaborative approach.”

Paid Media Strategist



Yesler has worked closely with LinkedIn for years, participating in alpha and beta tests for new features, and we welcomed the chance to beta test LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. As a business-focused platform that offers precise targeting, LinkedIn is ideal for reaching people who want to consume educational content like webinars, e-books, reports, and white papers. Its forms are designed to make conversion easy, and to capture complete and accurate data. When prospects click an ad, the contact form appears, its fields autopopulated with contact information captured in the LinkedIn mobile and desktop user interfaces. Prospects often don’t have to type anything or leave the LinkedIn environment to download content.

To try out the forms, we set up an A/B test and ran the campaign on both the new LinkedIn ad format and the original one. To help analyze the results in depth, our paid media team coordinated with Yesler and Code42 martech teams to ensure accurate website visitor tracking and reporting.

  • screenshot of LinkedIn form for Code42

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen form for Code42

  • Screenshot of thank you for filling out the lead gen form for Code42

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In Q1 of 2018, we began testing and tracking lead quality, cost, and velocity. Because the LinkedIn forms offered less connection between Code42’s branding and its content, our team expected these leads to have lower velocity through the buying stages. To find out, the Yesler martech team provided attribution data for campaign leads coming into the client’s website. Early analysis showed that velocity for the LinkedIn prospects was higher, with better-quality data coming from the forms—users can’t edit the autopopulated fields, which prevents people from submitting inaccurate information.

“The Yesler team is impressive in their attention to detail, especially when helping us mitigate as much risk as possible. We have a collaborative relationship where we both try to support each other’s business objectives.”

Paid Media Strategist



The LinkedIn forms converted 98% better than other landing pages. The auto-populated forms and precise targeting features of LinkedIn also produced a 28% improvement in quality, delivering leads that more closely matched Code42’s ideal customer profile. Overall, Code42 saw a 47% reduction in cost per qualified lead for 2018.

Based on these results, the company decided to move all lead-gen campaigns to LinkedIn forms, migrating them in batches each quarter. Though campaign metrics fluctuated depending on the content in rotation, Code42 cut its conversion cost by more than half during 2018 overall, with significant efficiency gains as well.

For more information on Code42, visit, read the company’s blog, or follow Code42 on Twitter.


improvement in conversion rate


decrease in cost per qualified lead


improvement in lead quality