Mobile-friendly + business-ready = 180% more leads

Your enterprise needs to reevaluate the way it makes complex technology purchases. Where do you start?

If you’re Enterprise Mobile, you get holistic. When the Honeywell subsidiary wanted to build a new go-to-market strategy, they turned to the only agency they found who spoke their language. Yesler delivered strategy development, planning, training, and analytics. But the centerpiece was a website revamp. All that good work yielded some eye-popping numbers, including a 188% boost in deep-funnel leads.


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Enterprise Mobile, a division of Honeywell, provides a complete set of services designed to help businesses get the most out of modern mobile device technology. Founded in 2006, the company was a trailblazer in business mobility services before established technology vendors moved into the rapidly expanding market. The company soon realized it needed to embrace the paradigm shift that had occurred in how businesses evaluate complex technology purchases.

Instead of focusing on a few discrete projects, Jide Akanbi, who led the Enterprise Mobile transition team, advocated revamping the company’s entire go-to-market strategy, and he began interviewing representatives from four different marketing agencies. “In each of these pitches, I heard a lot about creative and very little about process,” says Akanbi. “They didn’t once link marketing to lead generation or converting prospects to paying customers.”

As the close of 2012 approached, Akanbi met with Yesler to discuss the challenges faced by Enterprise Mobile, and he knew he had found a partner that spoke his language. “Yesler helped me understand their methodology and explained how they could help us jump-start our lead-generation program and track leads through the sales cycle,” he says.

“None of the agencies I originally met with seemed to grasp the revenue side of the equation. I instantly knew that Yesler spoke my language.”

Jide Akanbi

Director of Global Enterprise Mobility Managed Services, Enterprise Mobile


Creative & content development

Marketing automation & operations

Marketing analytics


Yesler kicked off a partnership with Enterprise Mobile in January 2013 by scoping major goals and activities for the next six months, beginning with a one-to-one interview with a well-regarded industry analyst to better understand the mobility trends that would likely shape the next several years. This research allowed us to create the foundational documents that would drive the company’s new strategy, including a REAL Content Assessment, a keyword analysis report, a new messaging framework, and a buyer persona matrix to better identify the key decision makers in its target market.

In parallel with strategy development, we worked with Enterprise Mobile’s marketing and sales leaders to promote fluency with their marketing automation platform. The company had already licensed Marketo, but its team didn’t use the solution to manage communications with prospects and customers or to track ROI.

With several key activities in place—strategy development, go-to-market planning, and training in advanced tools for nurturing leads and measuring conversion rates—Enterprise Mobile was eager to start promoting its reinvigorated brand. But not without the right content.

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In April 2013, the Yesler team kicked off development of the centerpiece of the Enterprise Mobile content program: a completely redesigned corporate website. “In the span of about eight weeks, Yesler rebuilt our website from the ground up,” says Akanbi. “They oversaw every aspect of the project, from the architecture and coding to content development, which gave us a chance to see all of their skills coming together in a real, tangible way. We were definitely impressed.”

The revamped website, which features a mobile-friendly, responsive design, also provided Enterprise Mobile with a more modern, user-friendly platform for promoting its content and interacting with prospective customers. This has led to a 38% increase in website visits year over year. From blog posts to e-books to webinars to social content, we also created a brand-new library of resources aligned to each stage of the buying cycle, and we constructed a plan for paid, earned, and owned promotion that enabled subject matter experts from Enterprise Mobile to engage industry influencers and potential customers.

“With Yesler, I've gained access to all of the business-to-business marketing competencies I need—from strategy and content production to managing leads and tracking ROI. From where we were six months ago, I couldn't have envisioned how far we've come.”

Jide Akanbi

Director of Global Enterprise Mobility Managed Services, Enterprise Mobile


Just six months after implementing its integrated go-to-market plan, new website, and resource library, Enterprise Mobile has reasserted its position as a forward-thinking leader in an increasingly crowded industry. In 2013 alone, the company increased its marketing reach by nearly 70% and saw a fivefold increase in MQLs.

In 2014, Enterprise Mobile saw an 18% increase in qualified leads, with 188% more leads moving to Sales Accepted and Sales Qualified Lead status. Website traffic increased by 35%. The value of the sales pipeline also grew, with more qualified opportunities deeper in the funnel.

Using win-loss data, Yesler also helped Enterprise Mobile identify key initiatives for 2015. With tighter marketing integration across the organization, the company is integrating demand generation with customer retention activities to reduce churn, developing more visual content to further amplify its conversion rates, and continuing to set the standard for modern, results-driven marketing in a crowded field.


increase in qualified leads


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