Make Digital Real campaign brings real results: 27% of pipeline and 400 MQLs

How do you reach CMOs in today’s highly fragmented digital space? Easy: Give them information they can use to solve problems so they can reach their goals—and make it simple, attractive, and engaging. How do we know? We created a demand generation campaign for Mindtree digital services, targeted at CMOs tasked with bringing their organizations into the digital age. The campaign achieved 27% of sales pipeline and generated 400 MQLs for Mindtree. And it positioned the company as uniquely qualified to help CMOs bring a digital reality to life.

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Mindtree succeeds because the company takes a business-first approach to providing CMOs with digital solutions, and its team believes that it takes real people and true expertise to achieve desired outcomes. Yet in today’s highly fragmented digital space, CMOs are bombarded with buzzword-laden messages—AOL/Nielsen reported in 2011 that more than 27 million pieces of content are shared online each day, a number that has surely exploded since then. We wanted to cut through the clutter and create simple yet attractive thought leadership content that could drive awareness for Mindtree’s target audience: CMOs tasked with making the promise of the digital enterprise a reality. And we thought we’d have a little fun along the way.

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Our research showed clearly that the CMO’s role is to define a brand’s newfound digital reality, and that many agencies were likely to lead these executives down a primrose path where everything is rosy on the way to digital transformation. To appeal to modern CMOs, Yesler developed a concept that we felt they would appreciate: Mindtree can help them avoid the “digital fairy tale” of buzzspeak and pixie dust and instead “make digital real.”

Our main goals were to drive demand and to achieve 30% of pipeline from marketing-based activities, using thought leadership content that skips jargon, cuts through the fluff, and shines light on Mindtree as uniquely positioned to help companies deliver a better customer experience.


“I had to put myself on mute when you presented the concept. Why? Because I was so excited I was clapping my hands, and I did not want to interrupt! The campaign concepts had exactly the edge we wanted.”

Peeyush Dubey

General Manager of Marketing, Mindtree


Yesler developed a content strategy driven by four main themes that provided buyers with direction on how to transcend the digital fairy tale. We explored each theme in a CMO-centric playbook consisting of thought-leadership essays bylined by Mindtree’s digital subject matter experts, with the support of industry metrics gathered through independent research. Each essay was punctuated with a “digital reality tale”—a case study used to illustrate each concept.

Anchoring the campaign with an e-book, we also created additional assets that included a custom microsite, blogs, infographics, and digital ads for distribution across Mindtree’s paid, earned, and owned channels. These assets were then paired with customer case studies to design a toolkit for the sales team that would help them continue the conversation with prospects and give them the stories they needed to close the deal.


The e-book launched on February 5, 2015, and was promoted through a series of tactics including content syndication, social media, and e-mail and nurture campaigns, as well as promotion at events such as the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, MarTech, and IDC CIO Summit Vienna.

To date, the digital fairy tale campaign has been responsible for generating 27% of pipeline from marketing-based activities, receiving 2,500 unique impressions from Mindtree’s target audience, and generating more than 400 MQLs at a lower average cost per lead than previous campaigns.


of pipeline from marketing-based activities


unique impressions from Mindtree’s target audience


MQLs at lower average cost per lead

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  • Screenshot of Make Digital Real content

  • Screenshot of Make Digital Real content

  • Screenshot of Make Digital Real content

  • Screenshot of Make Digital Real content

  • Screenshot of Make Digital Real content

  • Screenshot of Make Digital Real content

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