Manageable, scalable website for Watchguard that proves its value

WatchGuard is a leader in network security and wanted to dress the part.

When it wanted to modernize its site and boost lead-generation, WatchGuard came to Yesler. We got the company on a more scalable CMS, made the site responsive (mobile-friendly), and spiffed up the design. Next, we made a steely-eyed assessment of WatchGuard’s Marketo, Google Analytics, and Salesforce implementations. That led to better reporting. Better reporting helped the marketing team demonstrate their value. Demonstrating their value made them look like a million bucks.

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As a leader in the competitive network security industry, Seattle-based WatchGuard needed to modernize its corporate website and change the way it captured and nurtured leads to generate demand and drive sales more effectively. With offices throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, WatchGuard also needed a site built on a robust content management system (CMS) that was easier to update and localize, and that delivered an optimal responsive experience whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Most important, the WatchGuard marketing team needed to be able to measure the effectiveness of its content marketing efforts easily with on-demand tracking, reporting, and analysis.


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Yesler recommended moving the WatchGuard website to a more scalable CMS and upgrading the site using responsive design principles so the content would be mobile-friendly, easy to view, and simple to navigate across multiple platforms and browsers. Working with the WatchGuard marketing team, which included corporate and agency writers and editors, we managed an aggressive development schedule with a phased approach that took into account the company’s ongoing marketing efforts.

Equally as essential, Yesler suggested reworking the setup and integration of WatchGuard’s Marketo implementation to better capture and nurture leads. We also audited the company’s Google Analytics, Marketo, and Salesforce implementations to improve reporting, enabling the marketing team to align with industry best practices and demonstrate the business value of marketing efforts more clearly.

“In 12 weeks, Yesler did what it would take most mortal agencies to do to our website in six months. What a rock-solid, cleanly executing, passionate, personally committed team of smart people.”

Kerry Desberg

Global Director of Marcom, Analyst & Public Relations, and Social Media, WatchGuard


Yesler developed a more manageable and scalable website based on the Drupal CMS that provides opportunities for engagement at each step of the buyer’s journey. We updated and enhanced the company’s Marketo integration with its website, which included modernizing lead-capture forms, implementing the use of UTM parameters for more rigorous tracking, embedding new forms, developing customized responsive landing pages and email templates, and performing A/B testing to optimize campaign performance.

We also improved WatchGuard’s data quality and reporting capabilities by implementing Marketo naming conventions and deploying best practices for syncing to Salesforce, developing a UTM framework and updating forms to ensure UTM adoption for proper tracking, improving progression status fields, and revising lead-sourcing practices to create a more complete attribution model.


After three weeks of development, Phase I of the website launched. The improvements introduced by Yesler resulted in more user sessions, more user visits, more page views, an increase in average pages per session, a reduced bounce rate, and more first-time visitors to the site. In addition, the enhancements made to the Marketo implementation have allowed for much more accurate reporting, more holistic attribution, and an increased capacity to turn visitors into leads.

With the launch of nine localized microsites for Latin American and European audiences using Marketo Forms 2.0, WatchGuard is now capturing more leads internationally than ever before.

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