With a new brand and GTM strategy, RecordPoint is ready to take a big bite of new markets and audiences

When RecordPoint, a SaaS company with 50+ employees in Bellevue, Washington and in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, chose Yesler as its agency of record in 2019, the company was at a crossroads. Technology had evolved since its founding in the late aughts, when RecordPoint provided on-premises Windows-based records management. Despite its shift to cloud-based services, RecordPoint lacked a go-to-market strategy and brand focused on SMB technology buyers in highly regulated industries like energy and utilities, and government entities.

At the outset, we conducted four distinct onsite workshop sessions so RecordPoint and Yesler teams could get to know each other and dig deeper into RecordPoint’s positioning, brand, target audience, and sales and marketing processes. We then built a complete brand and messaging core plus a go-to-market strategy for RecordPoint. Our work resulted in over 40 assets including a new differentiated positioning statement, brand guidelines plus logo, five buyer personas, messaging framework, buyer journey maps, social media playbook, campaign workflows, content assets, and more. Just as we were about to launch the new brand and first set of integrated campaigns, a global pandemic hit. Yesler quickly pivoted and built a new integrated campaign with content assets that addressed customers’ most pressing needs in the new COVID-19 era.


RecordPoint is a global leader and developer of cloud-based content, data, and records management and compliance services. Once known as a provider of Windows-based records management servicesthe company’s cloud-enabled solutions offer an adaptable layer of intelligence to highly regulated companies and government agencies  

Despite the company’s decade-long evolution, RecordPoint still relied on the same brand and sales and marketing processes it always had. It needed to differentiate itself in the market and create a new brand identity that resonated with current technology buyers. This required a shift to being a purpose-driven brand that now employs customer-centric strategies and tactics. 

With a one-person marketing team, RecordPoint also required a partner who brought marketing technology and infrastructure know-how to modernize its martech stack and closely align sales and marketing processes to aggressively pursue its revenue generation objectives.   

Wneeded a hands-on integrated marketing agency that would truly partner with us, eliminate silos between sales and marketing, and help us hit the ground with all cylinders running,” says Aaron Ellazar, Marketing Manager at RecordPoint. “From the get-go, Yesler was eager to dig in and help us accomplish our business goals.”  



Partnering with RecordPoint as its agency of record, Yesler assembled an integrated team across multiple disciplines, from account management, go-to-market strategy, and content strategy to marketing operations and martech, creative and content development, social and paid media, and business intelligence.

Given the breadth of work in front of us, we focused our initial effort on four priorities: research, define, build, and execute. This strategic approach enabled us to do the foundational work up front while putting in place the infrastructure required to fully run, measure, and optimize future campaigns.

For example, during the research stage we focused on understanding the market, competitors, business needs, and customer experience. In the second stage, we defined who RecordPoint is based on a rigorous synthesis of our research and creative explorations. In the build stage, we created content, infrastructure, and processes for sales and marketing teams. In the execute stage, we delivered campaigns to meet the company’s business goals.

To kick off Yesler’s research, our go-to-market strategist analyzed RecordPoint’s business and competition, channels and tactics, technologies, and content assets. We conducted qualitative and quantitative research, including audits, workshops, interviews with company founders and customers, and behavior and psychographic patterns to better understand buyers. Then we delivered our findings and recommendations to RecordPoint.

“We were blown away by the research and audit framework,” says Ellazar. “Yesler gave us a living, breathing document with data-driven insights and recommendations about our positioning, competitive analysis, social media, brand, website, marketing automation, and martech stack.”

Our next task was to define the company’s direction and unique position in the marketplace. We held an onsite working session where we introduced our proprietary 3D Methodology to RecordPoint stakeholders. Working collaboratively, we helped RecordPoint leaders develop a new positioning statement that was differentiated, disruptive, and defensible.

We conducted a separate workshop with the company’s sales and marketing teams to better align their processes, workflows, expectations, and needs. Executive leadership also participated to ensure this work supported their vision and the company’s overall strategic goals. By defining process SLAs, roles and responsibilities, and bidirectional communication streams, we aimed to reduce silos and enable teams to function together as revenue drivers. This workshop gave us valuable insights into lead qualification requirements, technology adaptations and optimizations, and future sales acceleration and marketing tactics.

“We needed a hands-on integrated marketing agency that would truly partner with us, eliminate silos between sales and marketing, and help us hit the ground with all cylinders running.”


Marketing Manager, RecordPoint

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With our research and discovery complete and a new positioning statement providing strategic direction, we were ready to build the entire brand and messaging core.

Yesler presented three design options to bring the new RecordPoint brand to life visually, including logos, color palette, iconography, and illustration options. A preferred option was immediately chosen, without any changes, and our creative and content team got to work.

We built a set of brand guidelines, including brand purpose, vision, voice, tone, and design recommendations, to ensure all sales and marketing communications reflect the brand. These guidelines, along with a new messaging framework, define how RecordPoint communicates with target buyers and existing customers through its website, emails, and other assets.

Then we created detailed buyer personas, including a value prop for each persona, their communication style, and decision-making considerations. These narratives help RecordPoint sales and marketing teams better understand target buyers, how best to engage with them, what type of content they need, and where they appear in the buyer journey map.

Yesler also completed a content gap analysis, comparing existing RecordPoint assets with new buyer personas, the content they need, marketing funnel intentions, and messaging pillars. This work helped us identify net-new assets to fill buyers’ unmet needs—giving our team and RecordPoint insights to guide future campaigns and content.

Marketing Operations

Campaigns don’t run well unless the marketing operations stack is up to the job.

We worked closely with sales and marketing to set up the martech stack to align the teams’ efforts. This required that all Act-On optimizations and adaptations were integrated with Salesforce. We did a deep clean of the entire Salesforce instance and identified incomplete or missing data. In addition to data mapping and cleansing, we ensured the smooth transfer of data across each object.

Importantly, we made sure there was a clearly defined strategy for every field used that aligned to RecordPoint’s updated marketing automation platform and newly defined revenue generation processes. Doing so meant that any campaign measurements could be tied to campaign effectiveness and combined with other measures to provide business insights. Only then was RecordPoint ready for our new lead scoring model.

Social Media

Yesler brings deep expertise to social media, from building a strategy to creating assets and managing a company’s channels. To share those insights with RecordPoint, we created a comprehensive social media playbook to serve as a guide for all social campaigns. The playbook provides detailed audience personas and best practices as well as strategies for each social channel.

After we put the new content strategy into play, our team delivered assets including visuals and copy for multiple social channels. And the Yesler social team took over social media management for RecordPoint. We are responsible for posting and monitoring RecordPoint’s social media channels.

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“Yesler gave us a living, breathing document with data-driven insights and recommendations about our positioning, competitive analysis, social media, brand, website, marketing automation, and martech stack.”


Marketing Manager, RecordPoint


As agency of record, Yesler built a solid foundation for RecordPoint and set it up to meet its aggressive growth goals in the coming years.  

As Ellazar puts it: “Our work and investments with Yesler have prepared us through process and application, done with style and substance, to take a big bite from new marketplaces and audiences.” 

Aligning sales and marketing processes to drive growth 

Our Marketing Operations and Strategy team rebuilt the company’s revenue generation policies and procedures, which included lead and sales management such as sales pipeline definitions, processes, lead scoring, and more. It helped align the company’s sales and marketing processes to deliver better outcomes and drive growth.

Our team identified ideal customer profiles (ICPs) to ensure that we built accurate lead scoring. This empowers RecordPoint to see which accounts to target. And it shows stakeholders the health of their pipeline and effectiveness of marketing activities.

In addition, we streamlined and automated processes using information gathered from lead gen forms—saving costs and improving efficiency. Using job function and job level data, every lead and contact in RecordPoint’s database is mapped automatically to a target buyer persona.

Now, RecordPoint can see how much interest a lead has in its offerings, where they are in the buying cycle, and whether they are a good fit as a potential high-value buyer.

Building campaignsand pivoting quickly—to meet customers’ needs 

With the new brand ready for its unveiling and all the foundational work complete, Yesler was ready to execute RecordPoint’s first integrated campaign.
That’s when a global pandemic hit.

Our team quickly pivoted and changed gears. Rather than build our initial campaign, we created a new email campaign that spoke to the needs of the moment. Within one month, we delivered an e-book, infographic, blogs, case studies, and vendor comparison matrix accompanied by landing pages and eight nurture emails—and RecordPoint was ready to go to market.

The results speak for themselves. The new campaign delivered a 24% average increase in email open rate and a 62% average increase in click-to-open rate (CTOR) compared to the previous year’s performances.

It just proves: With a strong position, the right partnership, and a smart plan, you can adapt through change and accomplish anything.

“Our work and investments with Yesler have prepared us through process and application, done with style and substance, to take a big bite from new marketplaces and audiences.”


Marketing Manager, RecordPoint


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