Research & Strategy

Today’s B2B buyers are on the hunt for information. Your job as a marketer is to provide them with the content they’re looking for at any stage in their journey—but first you have to understand who they are and what they need to know.

Messaging & Positioning

We combine buyer-centric research with competitive analysis to help you create buyer personas that identify your customer’s challenges and map where and how they search for solutions. With the buyer’s journey mapped out, we use keyword analysis and social listening tools to learn the language they speak and identify the conversations you need to join. From there, our messaging framework provides the foundation for insightful, informative, and truly useful content that helps potential buyers take the right next step.

Content Strategy

Tell your story to the best possible audience. Using our REAL content framework, we assess your current state of content readiness, mitigate gaps, and optimize your existing content, starting with the backbone of your demand center—your website. With this clarity, you can develop and deliver a universe of information that addresses buyers’ needs at every stage.

Media Strategy

The best content marketing strategy is like a hybrid car, with paid media amplifying the power of owned and earned media. From search and social to display and syndication, we help you invest and optimize your media spend across each channel, and ensure that your is reaching and converting the buyers and influencers who will drive your revenue.

Measurement Strategy

Spend less time wrangling data and more time making data-driven decisions. Measure the volume, conversion, velocity, and value of your marketing efforts—and map those metrics from the beginning of the buyer’s journey. We build an actionable marketing analytics strategy so you can monitor content performance, optimize your channels, and make every penny of your budget count.

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