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Account-based Marketing

It’s time to stop marketing to leads. They don’t buy anything.

Certainly not the kind of complex, expensive products and services you want to sell. The sales cycle for those deals can take months to close through large buying teams and committees, but never through individual leads.

So you need to change how you market. You need to market to those groups of people, in a coordinated manner, over a long period of time.

In other words, you need to have your crap together.

Which, in the business, we call account based marketing.

Focus your marketing on the accounts that matter most

You’re under pressure to generate more revenue with the same or less investment. Account Based Marketing offers a potential solution, but it sounds complex and it’s not clear how to get started—much less how to scale it once it’s running or how to measure its effectiveness to prove its value in closed revenue.

At Yesler, we see it simply: ABM is a way of working with sales to focus your marketing activities on the accounts that matter most to you. And that’s where we begin: with what you’re already doing.

We start by focusing on a group of key accounts and quickly bring a coordinated approach to your sales and marketing efforts. Then we apply a model for building, testing, and optimizing ABM so that we achieve success in a few key areas before scaling to build larger, more comprehensive marketing programs.

As the Account Based Marketing program grows, we broaden efforts across accounts, use more-complex tactics, further integrate your sales team, and scale your use of martech. Here’s how we do it.


Account selection

We use your existing sales and customer data, firmographics, and technographics to build your ideal customer profile (ICP), and then work with your sales team to select and rank the target accounts within your total addressable market (TAM).

Account & contact research

Your accounts aren’t sitting around waiting for you to market to them. We use first- and third-party intent data to research your target accounts and identify the personas and buying groups with each. Then we build a framework for personalized messaging and tactics tailored to their needs and role in the buying journey.

Distribution strategy

Before we create content, we build a distribution plan to deliver content across the channels that will have the most impact with your accounts—online and off—and integrate opportunities for your sales team to build relationships with key account contacts early in the journey.

Content strategy & development

We integrate your account research and distribution plan to craft a content strategy that lays out how each asset, tactic, and channel will generate engagement at each stage of the journey—from dynamic landing pages that drive action, to personalized e-mails from sales that result in interaction.

Martech consulting & integration

If you're just kicking off ABM, we'll build out an ABM program using your existing tech stack so you can get the effort off the ground. When you're ready to scale, we help you define and implement the tech stack that works for you and your budget.

Measurement & reporting

We’ll set you up to track every click, visit, sales call, direct mail open, and reply to measure your account coverage, reach, and engagement. Most of all, we think obsessively about the kind of revenue you can drive and can help you prove the impact of ABM on velocity and value.

Execution & optimization

Your messaging is personalized, your campaigns are built for A/B testing, and your dashboard is built to pivot measurement by account and tactic. We launch your ABM program and optimize for performance, so you can scale from 20 accounts to 200.

ABM workshop

Effective ABM starts with alignment between marketing and sales. We'll run full-day workshops with key members of both teams to establish your goals, map out the buying journey, draft up a preliminary ideal customer profile, and build a plan to get you up and running within weeks, not months. Want to accelerate your ABM? Get in touch through the form below.