B2B Marketing Services

Customer Advocacy

You’ve gotten your prospect through the funnel and now they’re a customer. Time to get to work.

Because if you’ve done your marketing right, you’ve got a pool of happy customers that you can transform into rabid advocates.

Why? Well, the ROI is pretty great: It’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire them, and referrals from your advocates are worth their weight in bitcoin.

But the best part is the external validation. When you build a strong customer advocacy program, you transform loyal customers into lifelong champions, each of whom would be your second in a duel, if it came to that.

We show customer love

The most important person selling your product or service is no longer you—it’s your customer. Which means it’s up to you to get them just as involved in your company as you are in theirs.

We’ll show you how to run your customer engagement programs. We’ll help you manage customer advisory councils and events. We’ll get customers to participate in your product road map so you receive real-world feedback and a fan base of early adopters.

How do we do it? We take a four-step approach: discovery, engagement, relationship-building, and measurement. Then we sprinkle in the fun stuff, like gamification, online communities, and thought leadership opportunities.


Customer engagement

Get your customers involved. Gamification, communities, product development, advisory councils—you know, treat them like friends.

Customer reference

Know what’s better than a strong customer endorsement? Lots of them. We align your happy customers with qualified prospects.

Customer evidence

We take the positive experiences of your loyal customers and turn them into smartly written stories people actually like to read.