B2B Marketing Services

Paid Media

If you build it, they won’t necessarily come.

Your content—no matter how compelling and strategic it is—needs help getting seen. There’s a lot competing for your prospects’ attention, and the best way to get them to look your way is to apply a precisely orchestrated media strategy behind it—one that targets the right audience at the right time with the right content, in a way that drives toward your marketing and business goals.

In other words, promote your content. Promote it right. Promote it strong.

Your objectives, our expertise

You’ve seen the options—search engine marketing (SEM), Facebook ads, display ads, LinkedIn, etc. And at some point, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What the heck do I use?”

Fear not. It’s a good question.

Yesler answers it using a top-secret recipe developed in an underground lab that mixes your objectives and target audience with our expertise in each paid media channel to recommend an approach best suited to your content.

None of this comes without data and analytics. If it goes into market, you can be sure we’re going to measure it from beginning to end.


Search engine marketing (SEM)

Your audience has questions. Your content has the answers. Supercharge your search marketing in ways that organic search can’t.

Paid social

You know Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We’ll help you reach your prospects where they are, letting them engage on their own terms by offering them relevant content without sounding fake.

Programmatic display

One-button advertising? No, not really. It takes a lot of strategy and organized implementation—but we’ve got that. You can just sit back and watch.

Content syndication

Reach and engage influencers in industry publications they like. Leads guaranteed.

Native advertising

You’ve got good content. Get it on sites relevant to your company and target audience, and dress it up to suit the location.

Pre-roll and video

Yes, video—best for brand awareness and showing how something works.


Billboards, TV, radio, magazines—all those outdoor and out-of-home venues are still relevant.