B2B Marketing Services

Sales Enablement

Sales needs marketing just as much as marketing needs sales.

If you’ve done your job right, you’ve already invited sales to the table. You’ve partnered with them to document the buying journey, define your goals and what it takes to be a qualified lead, and to figure out every little step in the lead life cycle that will be tracked by marketing automation and CRM systems all the way through to close. (And if sales and marketing aren’t aligned yet, we can help).

But before you can start skipping arm-in-arm with sales down the path to revenue, it’s still up to marketing to arm sales with the content and insights they need to nurture the lead and close the deal.

After all, what’s the point of creating content to generate leads if sales isn’t set up to follow through?

Two teams, one goal

The truth is that the sales team, too, needs meaningful, personalized content to deliver during the sales cycle. It needs a workflow and process just as methodical as that used during lead nurturing. It needs to understand that its job is not to tackle prospects and drag them over the finish line, but to continue marketing’s effort to simplifying the decision-making process through an understanding of their specific problems and behaviors.

That’s where we come in. For us, sales enablement is what happens when marketing and sales work from the same playbook. Plain and simple.

From the content we create, to the technologies we help you implement, to the lead nurturing programs we build—none of it is worth the time, effort, or money if it can’t help you move the needle when it counts: during the sales stage.


Sales collateral

All your marketing content compressed into lightweight tools your sales team can run with. Conveniently sized to fit in carry-on luggage.

Sales operations strategy

We go behind the scene with sales to design lead-scoring models and lead-management workflows that make your marketing automation and CRM systems hum.

Social selling training

Are you able to engage prospects early without sounding, um, salesy? No? Get custom training that teaches your sales team how to use social listening and personalized engagement to build relationships.