B2B Marketing Services

Social Media

Still waiting for your social media posts to do something—anything?

A couple likes or new followers. Perhaps a few comments that show that people recognize your existence. (Hello? Is this thing on?)

It’s OK. It’s not always that easy.

Not in B2B.

Demand, then brand

Unlike our consumer marketing counterparts, B2B social media requires a bit more diligence and bit more grind. It requires less of you (at least at first), and more of your audience and the stuff they demand.

The good news is you have access to all the info and insight you’ll ever need to do this right. There is a virtual stream of consciousness flowing directly from your audience’s brains. They’re telling you what they want: knowledge and answers.

So give them knowledge and answers.

That’s what should matter to you. It’s what matters to us at Yesler. First, we help you connect with your audience the right way, whatever the initiative or objective. When that happens—when you build rapport and trust with the right information—everything else falls into place: brand, ROI, growth, honor, glory, empire.


Social media management

Communities, profiles, editorial calendars, it’s a full-time job (or five).

Social on demand

You need a team to respond across all your social channels with efficiency, wit, and maybe a custom graphic and smart copy. That’s us.

Executive social media

Face it, your audience wants to engage with a person, not a brand. Give your execs a pair of brand shoes and let them run.