Yesler’s Shelley Morrison, Director of Digital Media and Analytics, and Michelle Pratt, Group Manager of Paid Media, debunk five common myths of using paid media for B2B and share how each one can make your marketing work better for you.

Myth 1: B2B companies don’t need brand awareness

No one enters the funnel from the side. Brand affinity in B2B is just as important as it is in in B2C. The difference is that B2B buying involves larger buying committees, which means targeting more touches along the buying journey.

The key point to remember is that brand awareness and positioning have a direct impact on lead quality by ensuring that prospects understand the business they are engaging with. The equity achieved at the top of the funnel directly impacts the total value of your leads; when you start at the top and engage your audience all the way through, it can decrease your paid media costs and increase velocity to sale, and therefore the cost to close new business.

Myth 2: Only target B2B decision makers and executives

We hear from clients and others in the industry that they only want to reach directors and executives. So, it’s no surprise that B2B decision makers are the most marketed-to segment online. But what we often forget is that these same individuals who own the budget are taking cues from the people who will use and benefit from your product or solution. It’s these influencers that could make or break a deal, so it’s critical that they’re familiar with your brand and on board with how your product will make their lives easier.

Myth 3: Facebook doesn’t work for B2B

Consider this: Facebook has more than two billion monthly active users and as many as 40% of business decision makers report using Facebook while at work to message coworkers and friends. Your buyers are there; it’s simply a matter of how and when you engage them. You can target your ideal customers in a number of ways, from interests to job titles, to lookalikes and remarketing lists. The most important thing is to craft your message in a way that will grab their attention and resonate in a personal way.

Myth 4: All content is good content for paid media

Content for paid media is a value-over-volume game: high-value content that your audience wants, not sales-y content. It should answer a question, address a pain point, or solve a problem for your audience. And it truly is about getting the right message to the right person, which is why it’s imperative to map the strongest content to each layer of the funnel and to always add fresh high-value content to the mix.

Myth 5: Gated content is the only way to generate demand and leads for your business

The perennial question in B2B: To gate or not to gate. There’s no one right answer. But keep in mind that most of the B2B buying process occurs before a prospect engages with sales. Providing helpful and informative information will help move them along the path to purchase, without requiring any exchange up front, to build trust and increase the likelihood of someone selecting your brand.

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