Research shows that technology business buyers enter the sales cycle later, armed with more information than ever before. Through a vast array of online and social-media channels, decision makers can gather data, reviews, and recommendations on their own, without the help of your sales reps.

To engage business buyers in every phase of the buying-decision cycle, successful B2B marketers start by delivering informational articles, blogs, e-books, webinars, white papers, and other content to targeted sales leads. But not just any content will do in today’s demanding, web-driven B2B marketplace.

Your technology products and services have always had to be competitive; now your marketing material has to compete as well. It must be targeted and personalized to prospects, leads, and buyer personas, based on their position in the buying-decision cycle. It must showcase your expertise, knowledge, and thought leadership, demonstrate empathy for your prospects’ needs and aspirations, build trust with potential buyers, and help them meet their business goals.

To meet these new standards, you need to develop what we call REAL content, high-quality material that is:


REAL content is not necessarily easy (or cheap) to produce, but the effort will pay off. Download The REAL Content Assessment now to help you keep your content relevant, enlightening, actionable, and lively.