Last week, the Conference Center at the Washington State Convention Center was filled with stories. The Seattle Interactive Conference brought together marketers, designers, developers, and storytellers from across the Pacific Northwest. In between networking, happy hours, and making stories at the Yesler/Projectline booth, I consumed knowledge and ideas and learned how to tackle business problems and optimize new tools. But on top of all of that, I managed to get a few great one-liners too.

Here are five of my favorites:

“Swirling back hole of specialization.”

One Trick Ponies Get Shot: #MakeSense with Ian Lurie
Ian Lurie from Portent Interactive gave an exceptional session based on his new book One Trick Ponies Get Shot. I chose this quote because it captured the shift in marketing that happened about 10 years ago when roles became more specialized for niche projects and freelancing became a more common way for marketing professionals to work. These “one trick ponies” tend to focus on tactical marketing around products rather solving a company’s problem. Lurie’s point is that marketing is successful if it addresses an outcome rather than speaking directly about the features and benefits of specific products.

“Become a fan factory.”

Pike Up! How Two Agencies Built a Campaign and Digital Experience to Expand Pike Place Market #MakeHappen
To restore, rebuild, and expand Seattle’s beloved Pike Place Market, the Pike Place Market Foundation teamed up with Wexley School for Girls and Slalom Consulting to “PikeUp.” The goal? To drive fans to help fund this renovation and expansion of the market. This campaign goes live on October 30.. Check it out at

 “Take companies from invisible to known and loved.”

The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing #MakeNoise with Rand Fishkin
In his session, Rand Fishkin of Moz took us through the concept of a paradox of life on other planets in the grand scheme of the solar system and how it relays to web marketing. The web is vast, and marketers need to bring their A-game to ensure success for their clients.

 “Live the dream. Track, measure, and repeat.”

Falling in Love with the Brand #MAKELOVE with Margi Tooth and Ryan Webb
Branding means understanding the buyer journey and developing buyer personas and content that reflects each stage in the journey. This session was also filled with images of adorable dogs and cats, which is always a bonus, and brings me to this important piece of advice:


“Always be yourself, unless you can be bat cat, always be bat cat.”

I was honored to be a representative of Yesler, and soak up as much information as I could in a two day period. A conference in the fall is all about getting teams motivated for the year ahead. In our 2015 B2B Marketing Advisory, we have taken our expertise and provided a platform for inspiration and ideas about setting up your plan for success in 2015 and beyond. Download the 2015 B2B Marketing advisory Experienc e the 2015 B2B Marketing Advisory now.

(And check out our #whatsyourstory video from the conference below!)