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More content marketers at B2B organizations are adopting marketing automation to gain greater insight into what most interests their prospective buyers. Researchers at SiriusDecisions have documented the new trend: adoption is expected to grow to 50 percent by 2015. With marketing automation, B2B marketers can streamline the way they communicate with prospective technology buyers.

Marketing automation technology, though, is only part of the puzzle. An essential ingredient of marketing automation is delivering the right content for lead nurturing.

When you send prospects information based on what they have already shown an interest in, they see you as a knowledgeable, helpful resource in their search for the right solution. In lead nurturing, the focus is on people—people as prospective buyers. Marketers need to know who these people are, what they like to read (or watch or listen to), and at what stage in the buying process they are in.

Buyers who are just beginning to scope a solution are looking for different information, for example, than those buyers who have already identified potential solutions and who have begun to build a business case to get funding.

The best content informs prospects, facilitates the buying process, and lays the foundation for an ongoing conversation. Prospective B2B buyers want to be informed, educated, and inspired. They aim to become experts. With the right content, you can help them by sharing best practices, insights, and advice.

Download our solution brief, “The Right Content at the Right Time,” to learn more about how to engage with your prospects at every stage of the buying cycle.