You’ve got a martech stack, but you aren’t sure it’s meeting your needs. As the VP of Sales and Marketing here at Yesler, I was in the same position.

For a relatively small company (Yesler has 230-ish employees, whereas many of our clients have thousands), we actually have a fairly robust tech stack. Here’s a look at how we positioned it for our entry into the Stackies this year:

Image of Yesler's martech stack as a sandwich.

Still, when I kicked off my 2019 planning last December, I wasn’t sure that my stack was going to meet some of the strategic initiatives I’d set out for my team.

In this video, I discuss our martech stack with Rich Miller, the Sr. Director of our GTM planning and marketing technology consulting team. He talks through his team’s methodology for determining whether our internal martech stack can meet our objectives.

The assessment was a helpful way to determine where I could potentially end contracts to redirect budget to new investments that could.

Watch the short video (7:45) to see what the methodology was and let us know if you found it helpful for thinking about how you’d take on these projects as well.