Do you have leads that act, well, kind of like zombies? Prospects that once showed interest, but now show no signs of life? Fear not. Those zombie leads don’t need to be a drain on your life force. In honor of the season, we present our six top tips for how to revive your undead leads and maybe even bring some of them back to life.

Create an engagement-oriented offer.

No one likes to be knocked over the head with a hard sell, particularly when they are just starting the research process. Don’t chase your undead leads around with the equivalent of a shovel. Give them something more appealing. Create offers that invite your leads to respond and interact with you.

Try something different.

If your offer of a helpful white paper doesn’t revive your zombie leads, don’t give up. Try something else—a different kind of asset, a new email subject line, or a different POV. Throw in an infographic or experiment with a more conversational call to action. Mix it up.

Play hard to get.

As anyone who’s watched a good zombie movie (or TV show) knows, despite their lack of sprinting skills, zombies seem to enjoy a good chase. It may sound counter-intuitive, but strange things happen when you tell your undead leads you’re going to stop reaching out to them. Our MDR team has had great success with what we affectionately call the “Dear John” email, which seems to rouse nearly dead leads into action. Try it. If your zombie leads won’t return your calls or respond to your emails, tell them that while you’ll always be there for them, you’re taking them off the top of your list. It may just provoke them to respond.

Adopt a “no (zombie) lead left behind” policy.

Every undead being wants a second chance to roam the earth — and so it is with your leads. Something inspired them to reach out to you in the first place. You just need to rekindle that interest again. Marketing automation makes it possible to put your undead leads into a recycled lead-nurturing track that can go on from here to the hereafter. Don’t give up—keep at it.

Provide context.

Don’t presume your zombie leads remember you from their pre-zombie (or alert) state. It doesn’t take much to scramble the human memory, much less dying, being interred, and then awakening from the dead. Always remember to reintroduce yourself at every critical juncture. Consider reminding them what they did in the first place to land on your potential lead list. Help a zombie out!

Give them what they want.

What do zombies want? Brains. What do your leads want? Brainy content. Content that informs, delights, inspires, and moves them to action. (We call this REAL content.) Don’t go on auto-pilot. Keep it fresh and be creative.

After all, you don’t want to turn into a zombie marketer, do you?