Driven mad trying to understand the ever-changing marketing automation landscape? Anxious that you’ve made huge technology investments but aren’t sure if you’ve been sold a lemon? Wonder what, exactly, your marketing ops team is doing all day?

It shouldn’t be that complicated to start up a data-driven B2B marketing organization, but without a guide it can be. So we developed the Marketing automation owner’s manual to give you steps to make implementation, re-implementation, or migration easier and, most of all, to help you prove the value of the investment.

Whether you run the marketing team, oversee marketing or sales operations, or are a marketing automation practitioner yourself, understanding how tools should be set up and maintained is crucial to your team’s success.

Hop into the driver’s seat, take the wheel, and steer your marketing organization in the right direction with our guide to:

  • Selecting and implementing a new marketing automation platform (or moving to a new one).
  • Setting up lead scoring for scalability and tracking lead sources.
  • Using data and signals from the buyer journey to improve your lead nurture program.
  • Using dashboards to prove the value of your technology investment to marketing and sales.
  • Keeping data clean—the single most important, but the least sexy, task that no one gives enough thought to.


Performance mods

Go under the hood with the full version (downloadable PDF) for in-depth guidance on managing your marketing automation platform, including:

  • A vendor comparison chart for selecting the right CRM to integrate with your platform.
  • A step-by-step approach to setting up lead-sourcing fields and logic.
  • Setting up period-over-period reporting in Salesforce to improve funnel diagnostics.
  • A data hygiene checklist to help keep your database free of dirty data and duplicates.

Don’t hit the road without this guide. Download the manual.