I had a great time meeting with Bob Samuels from TechConnectr to talk shop about B2B, covering all facets of account-based marketing (ABM), from strategy to implementation. We dug into ways ABM has evolved and discussed how customer advocacy is key to successful marketing for the technology industry.

While some consider ABM to a be a specialty marketing tactic, we consider it simply the way good B2B marketing is done. And the best ABM applies a unified approach that spans the customer lifecycle. When people are looking to purchase technology, they want to know that companies like theirs are having success using the solution, so customer advocacy becomes the backbone of successful targeted ABM campaigns.

After initial purchase and implementation, SaaS companies must consider future renewals, technology adoption and growth, and activation. ABM platforms and AI tools offer new ways to discover and interpret intent signals throughout the customer lifecycle. By listening to and acting on this information, you can focus on activities that promote customer satisfaction so that customers are more likely to become advocates, which feeds directly back into your ABM efforts. There’s a lot of power in having existing customers go on the record talking about their success with your software. Advocates help you gain new customers while keeping existing customers engaged and satisfied. Win-win!

And, while martech has made ABM more attainable than ever, it isn’t a silver bullet. Building relationships, taking care of your customers, and making them successful is never going to get old. At the end of the day, you just have to think about your customers, understand what is working for them, what you can do to keep them satisfied, and avoid getting distracted by shiny labels and marketing trends.

Listen to our 25-minute interview to hear the entire discussion. Want to talk shop? Get in touch.