Pained by any of the following B2B marketing symptoms?*

  • Roadblocks to executing your marketing plan?
  • Misaligned teams?
  • Pressure to do more with the same budget?
  • Content fatigue?
  • Difficulty finding key messages that stick?
  • Changes in your brand perception?
  • Nervousness about your campaign performance?
  • Headaches trying to show the ROI of your marketing decisions?

If you’re experiencing any of these, it might be time to schedule a B2B marketing workshop. Completing a workshop, can lead to:

1. Team alignment: Sometimes the biggest blocker to a project or campaign isn’t budgetary or logistical, but human. Misalignment can happen anywhere. Between stakeholders on your marketing team, between marketing and sales, or even between leadership and the front line.

2. Rapid changes: If dramatic improvements or speed are factors, a workshop could be just what you need. According to Hal Gregerson, an executive at the MIT Leadership Center, coming up with questions allows us to explore a problem more deeply, pushing past biases and arriving at uncharted territories. An agency or consultant partner will have access to research, resources, industry best practices, and subject matter experts that your company might not have access to. It’s these pockets of expertise that will accelerate your growth as a team.

3. Clear and tactical KPIs: Often when we see marketing plans fail, it’s because no clear (or realistic) goals and measurement tactics are in place. A good workshop facilitates creativity and ideation and ends with clear and measurable KPIs that everyone agrees with and supports and that ultimately support your business’s bottom line. With these in place (and supported across every department), you’ll start to see (and be able to report on) your marketing ROI.

4. Outside-the-box ideation: Stale content and marketing tactics are the worst. But, a marketing workshop can be just what the doctor ordered. And, fret not—you don’t have to be in a “creative” role to contribute to a creative brainstorming space. Don’t believe me? The experts at Dropbox say it best: “Creative is a way of thinking, not a job title.” Like many skills, creativity and brainstorming are skills and muscles to be developed and flexed. Bringing in experts who know how to run creative drills can inject much-needed inspiration. The effects are transformative—I promise.

5. Packaged playbooks: While most marketing workshops wipe the slate clean to brainstorm new campaign ideas, the most valuable workshop partners will also ensure clear goals (like I mentioned above) and deliver a strategic playbook to get you started. After the workshop, your team’s energy and excitement will be high; having an action plan in place will preserve the momentum.

We at Yesler really believe in the effectiveness of a collaborative workshop environment. We love it so much that we offer a variety of Rapid Strategy Development workshops: ABM strategy, messaging, content strategy, branding and positioning, product messaging, integrated campaign strategy. The bottom line is this: If you tell us the current state of your marketing, we’ll customize a workshop for your situation.

So are you ready to dip a toe in the workshop pool? Just get in touch. We’d love to help.