It’s a simple truth, but one that is often overlooked. Before you can adapt your engagement strategy, you need to take a closer look at how your market has evolved. When it comes to making technology purchase decisions, today’s buyers exhibit the following tendencies:

1. Immersion in Information

Technology buyers have access to an unprecedented level of information about your products—and they take full advantage of it. They deep-dive into white papers, analyze case studies and blog posts, and seek out customer reviews early and often as they define their buying criteria.

2. Self-Reliance

As buyers get more savvy about using digital tools to find what they need, they place less value on direct contact with sales representatives. This is especially true early on in the buying cycle.

3. Risk-Aversion

Doing more with less is the new norm for marketers nowadays. It’s no wonder your prospects are approaching expensive technology investments with greater caution. And they are under greater pressure to show return on investment.

4. Demand for Authenticity

Stakeholders need assurance that a vendor’s solution solves their exact business pains. They are less tolerant of traditional ‘broadcast’ marketing techniques and favor those vendors that show the greatest level of understanding and eagerness to help.