We’ve genetically engineered this blog post to be discovered by you.

We optimized it right down to the very last keyword—from B2B marketing agency to ABM to lead gen to analytics. Now our job is to seduce you into downloading our B2B agency evaluation guide. If you leave without the guide, we’ll serve you retargeting ads to remind you the guide exists.

We apologize for none of this.

It’s what any good agency would do. Should do. It’s what we’d do for you—if you were a client.

If we stop there, though, if we’re all glitter and no grit, then shame on us.

Because when you are choosing a B2B marketing agency, you gotta get real.

We need to know what’s keeping you up at night. What’s blocking you from achieving your business goals. What you dream of creating.

You need to know you can trust us—to get the job done right.

So snoop around our website. Sample our work. Take a look at our values. And yes, download the guide to evaluating a B2B marketing agency and the companion evaluation tool.

The guide includes five key criteria you need to look for in a B2B marketing agency—whether you’re doing ABM, lead gen, analytics, or anything else:

  • Capabilities
  • Culture
  • Process
  • Experience
  • Measurement

Each section includes information on what to look for in an agency and how to structure your evaluation.

Here’s a taste.

Capabilities: Find out what the agency really does

Some agencies might claim they can do everything, but few agencies can do everything really well.

What to look for: Strategy, execution, and results. You need all three.

Evaluation tip: Review the agency and staff on LinkedIn. Make sure they have specialists for the capabilities you need.

Culture: You’re gonna be working closely with these people

If the agency is going to be a partner, you should trust them as much as you trust your employees.

What to look for: innovative thinking, frank communication, accountability, a commitment to results, and a personable quality. After all, they are an extension of your work family.

Evaluation tip: Talk to them. Visit the agency if you can. Talk to staff and pay attention to what your gut tells you.

Process: See how they work

Decide if you’re looking for a vendor or a partner.

What to look for: Vendors lead with execution. Partners lead with strategy.

Evaluation tip: Ask how teams are structured. Do they have senior-level strategists on every project? Are these people doing the work or just overseeing junior staff?

Experience: See what they know

B2C agencies, PR agencies, and brand agencies will try to fake it until they make it but likely won’t meet your needs if they don’t have experience in B2B marketing with your target market.

Evaluation tip: Read through their case studies, call their customer references. Does their work meet your business needs and fit your market?

Measurement and beyond: You need to know it’s working

Ultimately, your agency should provide you with performance measurement and insights that make a lasting impact on your business.

What to look for: You want to hire an agency that thinks beyond vanity metrics—one with proven experience aggregating and analyzing data from across your martech stack.

And they should be able to show long-term relationships, not just one-and-done projects.

Evaluation tip: Do they measure success across the entire sales and marketing funnel? What metrics matter to them?

It’s a big decision

But if you get it right, you’ll have a partner with whom you can create work that gets results and helps your company succeed.

So get it right.

Get the guide.