B2B marketing was once a second-rate business function equated with the unscientific mysteries of branding and traditional advertising, but with far less panache than B2C.

That was then. This is now.

Today, B2B marketers help forecast revenue, formulate customer strategy, and inform decisions that move the entire company forward.

change_agentIt’s a daunting world where you need to anticipate the needs of your customers, master analytics, embrace marketing automation, and identify with sales. And it requires you to adopt the mindset of a publisher and become an expert at content marketing.

But that’s not all. To succeed in this rapidly evolving environment, you must become the agent of change in your organization. And change is hard.

The B2B Change Agent Handbook will help you take action with information and advice on how you can:

  • Make the seismic shift away from your solutions and see the world through the eyes of your customers.
  • Embrace next-generation content marketing based on storytelling and freed from device-centric platforms and media.
  • Deliver on the promise and investment of marketing technology and marketing analytics to build the foundation of your marketing programs on data.
  • Erase the line between marketing and sales and instill a mindset of service at every stage of the customer life cycle.

Reorienting your people, processes, and tools around the customer isn’t easy. Figuring how to leverage data and analytics to distill actionable insights about your customers is complex and scary. Aligning with sales takes patience and communication. But the payoffs that come with mastering these tools, processes, and thinking will be well worth the effort. With these new insights, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the rapidly evolving B2B marketing landscape.

Want to learn more? Download the B2B Change Agent Handbook now and start leading your organization toward meaningful change.