Try as we might, some leads seem determined to act like zombies, refusing to take a bite out of any of the content we send their way. Marketing and sales development reps are often the first line of defense against a zombie lead epidemic. Here are a few tips to keep the communication from running into a dead end.

Add a Personal Touch

First and foremost, be human! Being more personable in your marketing is all about good storytelling and careful listening. Content recommendations should come from an informed place. Base your sales e-mails on carefully researched buyer personas and that prospect’s stage in the buyer journey to gain more traction and create more conversions.

Create Compelling Subject Lines

Customizing all those e-mails can take more time than digging up your undead leads one-by-one. Review your subject lines based on these four criteria:

  • Make it personal. Include the prospect’s company name or location in the subject line to make e-mails feel friendlier. (These can easily be added in with tokens if your marketing automation platform supports that functionality.)
  • Be sure it’s timely. Use the clock as a motivation for people to open your e-mails. “Last chance” or “Dear John” style e-mails often receive a higher click-to-open rate because of their time-sensitive nature.
  • Be direct. Don’t get caught up in spin. Tell them exactly what the e-mail entails, clearly and concisely.
  • Keep it short and sweet: 43% of all emails are now being opened via a mobile device. The optimal character count for subject lines should be no longer than 38, so keep it brief and to the point. Any longer, and your e-mails run the risk of being cut off on a mobile device screen.

Strengthen the Call-To-Action

Don’t go into zombie mode yourself. Whether you want prospects to download a new eBook or commit to scheduling a meeting, make sure you have a fresh, definitive CTA that is easy to find and follow. Remember, almost 50% of emails are opened via mobile device, so hyperlink your CTAs.

Keep Track

If you succeed at bringing these leads up from the dead, be sure to take note of what tactics were used. Was there a specific subject line that resulted in more clicks or opens over others? Do shorter emails show higher response rates than long ones? Track tactics through your CRM or marketing automation platform and keep in mind that when testing it’s much easier to start with a smaller sample before scaling to the whole graveyard. (I mean database.)

Revamping your sales emails can help you transform seemingly dead leads into promising prospects.

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