It’s been a big couple of years at Yesler. We are growing fast, with new offices in Asia and Europe to better support our clients’ global programs and new board members to guide us in managing that growth gracefully. As we go, we continue to develop solutions designed to serve the marketing challenges and decisions our technology clients will face in the coming years­­­, all while continuing to be recognized as one of the best places to work.

So, it’s with no small amount of pride that we share the news that we have acquired Emphatic Thinking, a Seattle-based marketing strategy firm whose clients include Adobe, GoDaddy, and SAP.

Emphatic Thinking has become known for applying a classical philosophical approach grounded in reasoning and persuasion to B2B positioning and messaging. The approach is based on the observation that while the marketing and advertising focus on storytelling and brand imagery is necessary, it isn’t sufficient: Effective B2B go-to-market strategy requires a compelling and evidence-based argument, much like a trial attorney builds an argument to convince a jury.

By joining Yesler, the Emphatic team and its unique Three Ds methodology brings a highly differentiated positioning and messaging practice to Yesler’s suite of B2B marketing services. We think this methodology is particularly suited for our technology clients, while at the same time offering them the opportunity to work with one agency from the start of a positioning exercise all the way through to campaign execution and reporting.

We’re excited to add this distinctive service into our work with global organizations in support of their efforts to prove value to customers and secure their business future. Welcome to Yesler, Emphatic!

Image credit: Seattle Skyline by Madison Holland.